About 1 out of 3 homicides in Canada are by stabbing.

In the USA, “Knives are consistently used to kill people far more often than assault rifles are used. And the numbers aren’t even close: five times as many murders were committed with knives than were committed with assault rifles last year.” FBI’s most recent crime stats

Homicides by stabbing is the preferred method in most countries around the world (except USA) where firearms and ammunition are hard to get and expensive.

“Outside of the Americas, knives are often the weapon of choice.”

“The number of offences involving knives in England and Wales has risen to an all-time high after 43,516 were reported to police, official statistics have revealed”. July 2019

Knives are used in robberies, sexual assaults, domestic violence, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, home invasions and street attacks.

These statistics show us that knives are the weapon of choice for predators and attackers around the world, especially in countries that have strict gun control laws, like Canada and Europe.


Martial arts rarely train for a knife attack.

When they do, it’s usually some blocking or disarm technique.

Statistics show that knife-disarm fails about 100% of the time.

That means you don’t go home.

Yet, they still teach it.


Training in how to use a knife is even more of a rarity for some reason and rarer still is competent training.

Usually, it’s some strange reverse grip style that they wave around that they say they learned from some Navy SEAL DVD.

One client told me he was trained in knife fighting. I told him to come at me with how he was trained and I’ll do what I do.

It was over in 1 second.

He was shocked.

He wasted time and money on what would have probably killed him one day.


I won’t teach you anything that isn’t combat-proven to work.

Why would anyone do that to you?

Why would anyone want anything less than what will save their life and perhaps save the lives of their loved ones?

There won’t be any failed martial arts “techniques” or flashy Hollywood junk.

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle a knife attacker in motion (e.g. attacking from overhead, slashing, thrusting)
  • How to handle a static or stationary knife attack (e.g. from in front, behind, the side, against your throat, neck, back, face)
  • How to handle multiple knife attackers
  • How to effectively and efficiently use a knife in combat

It’s just a 2-hour training course held at your location when it’s convenient for you.

Bring your family and friends (1 to 6 people at a time).

Achieve the EDGE TO SURVIVE.

Be confident that you’ll get home every night with the…


Course Total


Save years of wasted time and money somewhere else that won’t teach you these skills to survive

Prior training not necessary.

Training can be arranged at offsite location (additional cost).

Additional hours available after Course Completion at same rate


  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Programs are non-transferable.
  • Training must be taken within 6 months of payment, subject to availability.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Any special promotional discounts offered do not apply to pre-paid clients.
  • All Programs and Courses are invoiced and payable prior to the training event.
  • Depending on client needs and desires for additional Instructor training time, any addition Instructor time beyond the Course, will be in 2-hour increments.
  • Payments accepted via Interac e-Transfer or Credit Card (PayPal +3%).
  • Payment plans are in Canadian Dollars (plus any tax when applicable).


Training may be temporarily delayed to accommodate client or instructor for medical reasons; weather preventing travel; family or business commitments. Training resumes on schedule when the circumstance has cleared.

At least 6-hours notice is required prior to cancelling a training session.


COMBATIVS, as part of its program, reveals a vital skillset, that 21st Century militaries teach to their elite Special Operations Forces to make them more formidable, with statistics showing… not only a huge success rate... but results showing up to a 50X greater impact in battle! Martial arts don't teach this!


Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Niagara Region, Oakville, Toronto and Buffalo NY

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