In 1940 a Legend was born at a castle in Scotland.

The Legend of combatives.

It was the deadliest form of close quarters combat ever devised… born from war.

Taught exclusively to Allied commandos, it gave them an edge beyond all others.


The Legend was soon brought to a Top-Secret spy school in Canada.

They called it a “finishing” school.

A polite way of saying, it was a killing school.

Camp X became the birthplace of Military and Government Special Operations.

The Legend grew.

Global Legend

Soon, other countries adopted this Legend… this combatives… for their elite Special Forces.

They dropped the inferior boxing, martial arts and failed combat techniques that had been taught.

The Legend became the standard for developing military Black Ops and covert government assassins.

Those who knew combatives were considered the ultimate warriors.

Most were never shown combatives.

The Legend was kept in the shadows.

Martial Arts

The rise of martial arts became a phenomenon, lulling people into a false sense of security.

Martial arts businesses flourish, especially for children.

They don’t teach improvised weapon fighting.

They don’t teach knife fighting.

They don’t teach gunfighting.

They don’t teach fighting against multiple armed attackers.

All of them proven to be failures in combat.

Combatives still isn’t marketed or offered to the general public.

It’s too deadly.

Modern Combatives

One day, a watered-down version of the Legend appears.

An entertaining sport marketed as unbeatable, called mixed martial arts (MMA).

Its popularity grows until its adopted as the new training system by elite government and military units, calling it the “Modern Combatives Program”.

This grappling-focused program is adopted by the United States for their military special forces, Marines, ATF and SEALs, who also train in boxing and ju-jitsu.

Other special forces follow, including the British Royal Marines, where combatives… the Legend… had been born.

The Legend is labelled “too violent”.

It’s forbidden.

The Return of the Legend

Crime and terrorism become a global epidemic.

Civilians are vulnerable.

Martial arts are failing them in life and death attacks.

Governments can’t keep people safe.

A 2nd generation instructor from the original Commando Castle brings the Legend out from exile.

It comes out wilder and deadlier than its grandfather.

It’s offered to civilians to use in their war.

It’s called COMBATIVS.

Become Part of the Legend

Ever thought about being part of the true Legend?

Ever thought about saving lives?

Would you like to be independent and earn money doing something you love?

Does being your own boss and controlling your own life make sense?

Hate stress (No real estate. No building. No inventory. No employees)?

Do you think you’d qualify to be awarded a COMBATIVS franchise?

Exclusive COMBATIVS Instructor Certification only offered to a successful franchise owner.

CAMP X Program Instructor Certification only offered to a successful franchise owner.

Due to the extremely high level of training clients expect and is provided in COMBATIVS, prospective franchise owners must provide suitable combatives capabilities in order to qualify.

Franchise suitable for active or retired elite military, government field agent, specialized law enforcement or combat martial arts black belt.

Franchise Information at a Glance

Franchise Fees

One Location Model

This option grants you the rights for one designated territory.

The greater of either $50,000 USD or $10,000 USD initial fee per million inhabitants.

Total Initial Investment Typically between $69,900-$134,100 USD (High end involving real estate).

North America Territorial Rights Model

This option grants you the rights for an entire region/State/Province and allows you to sub-franchise.

The greater of either $200,000 USD or $10,000 USD initial fee per million inhabitants.

International Exclusive Master License

This option grants you the rights for an entire region or country and allows you to sub-franchise.

The greater of either $200,000 USD or $10,000 USD initial fee per million inhabitants. No royalties.


8% of monthly gross revenue.


2% of monthly gross revenue to be contributed to the branding and marketing fund.


10% initial franchise fee discount to active and retired military and law enforcement personnel.

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COMBATIVS, as part of its program, reveals a vital skillset, that 21st Century militaries teach to their elite Special Operations Forces to make them more formidable, with statistics showing… not only a huge success rate... but results showing up to a 50X greater impact in battle! Martial arts don't teach this!


Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Niagara Region, Oakville, Toronto and Buffalo NY

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