Elite military Special Forces units and government covert Black Ops agents enter into extremely hostile and violent territory with an edge, that being the highest quality of combat-tested, personal skillsets known, if they are expected to survive and come home. People talk about “them” in awe, which is as it should be. Statistics show us that civilians are operating in hostile and violent territory also, most times alone and unarmed, and therefore need this same edge in order to survive and come home. The best self defense or best martial arts training won’t accomplish that. If it did, elite military Special Forces Operators would be training in self defense or martial arts, instead of combatives. Makes sense. They train in the best skills that will allow them to survive. That’s their secret!

Now you can too!

COMBATIVS… it’s not just for “them” anymore!

Combatives or Modern Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training is specialized skill sets in hand to hand techniques and close combat weapons taught to and utilized by elite military and government special operatives for war zones, counter-terrorism and covert activities. It is not martial arts or typical self-defense.

Although many people don’t know the difference between martial arts or self defense courses, with combatives training, the major differences are objectives and a highly aggressive threat response when engaged in violent encounters. COMBATIVS training is not a sport nor for entertainment competition. COMBATIVS training prepares one to meet the threats of life’s violent realities.


One of the associates of COMBATIVS is Close Quarter Combat Skills Institute (CQCSI) which officially started in 1984 and is a dedicated training and consulting organization offering unique solutions and recommendations to “at risk” personnel and organizations such as CIA, Secret Service and Elite Special Forces Units (See the partial client list on Client page).

CQCSI are regular advisors to military, law enforcement, and security professionals, and federal and foreign clients around the globe, specializing in small unit tactics, strategies and unconventional encounters; to include identifying technologies that supports the client’s organizational mission.


The COMBATIVS training course focuses on civilians and is designed to offer the most aggressive hand to hand techniques and close quarter weapons skill sets taught to various elite military units and specialized government operatives. It is combat tested and reality based upon many decades of real world experience gained by professional war fighters, law enforcement personnel and martial artists. Hand to hand techniques and CQC weapons training that will aggressively and effectively deal with life or death face-to-face encounters. This is not a martial art, sport or typical self-defense course. The training contains the psychology, mechanics and methodologies found to be the most successful for an individual when encountering an unavoidable violent attack from predators.

COMBATIVS training is tailored for the individual, rather than reliance on a team unit, in order to achieve readiness and mission success in the standard battlefields where most individuals spend time; the home; work; vacation and the street. This training is functional for every face-to-face battlefield, not just civilian ones.


It is capable of operating without restrictions based on user size, age, gender, speed, strength, flexibility or endurance. It is adapted to fit every user in any close quarter battlefield… military, government, law enforcement, security and civilian.


COMBATIVS, as part of its program, reveals and trains clients in a rare vital skillset, that 21st Century militaries teach to their elite Special Operations Forces to make them more formidable, with statistics showing… combat proven results up to a 50X greater impact in battle against opposing armed forces who were not trained in this skillset!


Lack of this vital training has statistically proven to show up to a 98% failure rate. Failure meaning YOUR injury or YOUR loss of life when confronted with a physically violent attacker/predator/enemy. Failure rates based on government statistics experienced by regular soldiers and law enforcement. Martial arts don’t teach this!

This course provides the individual with the skill sets necessary to engage unarmed, armed and single and multiple targets with an appropriate threat response, confidence, increased performance and identifiable success.

Conditioning Requirements

Training is done in a slow and safe controlled environment. There is no sparing but there are action and reaction practice drills that will require basic cardiovascular and balance capabilities*. This is in order for both you and your partner to receive the maximum benefits of training.

Cardiovascular-sitting on the floor you should be able to stand up unassisted without using both arms and both legs.

Balance-you should be able to balance on either foot for up to 10 seconds.

*Exceptions-We understand that there are physically challenged adults that are in need of COMBATIVS specialized training for self-protection, yet may be unable to perform certain physical movements. Please discuss with us any limitations and we will, if possible, tailor and/or focus your training to accommodate. See Health Requirements below for those unable to train.

Do not let certain limitations hinder your decision to learn. Most limitations can be overcome. A perfect example is Bill “Superfoot” Wallace who was unable to use his right leg because of a knee injury. Wallace won 23 consecutive professional fights between 1974 and 1980, becoming the Professional Karate Association middleweight world full-contact karate champion and retiring undefeated. He was known for his fast left leg kicks, using his injured right leg primarily as a base.

Health Requirements

There are certain health limitations that we are unable to accommodate for your safety. They are:

  1. Cardiovascular surgery in last 5 years. Need doctor clearance to train.
  2. Spinal surgery in last 5 years. Need doctor clearance to train.
  3. On medications for pain, blood thinners, or that causes lack of coordination or drowsiness.
  4. Currently requiring surgery or taking physical therapy for any spinal, bone, joint or other issues that can be aggravated in training.
  5. Injuries or body weight causing mobility impairment.
  6. On O2 therapy. Need doctor clearance to train.
  7. Chronic balance issues.
  8. Pregnancy.

Training Acceptance

Prior to acceptance of clients the following are requirements:

  1. All participants are required to sign a Liability Waiver and Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  2. Must be 18+ to train.
  3. No criminal record.
  4. No mindset of or membership in any terrorist, anti-government, hate groups or groups that promote/encourage and/or endorse unprovoked violence on any person.
  5. Doctor’s permission to train may be required.

Training Process

  1. Training is conducted in English only. You must have no difficulty understanding or communicating in English.
  2. Training is conducted with 2 (two) client’s only, 2 (two) hours at a time, at client’s indoor location. Individual clients that have no partner can be connected to train with another that requires a partner.
  3. No group (beyond 2 persons) training at a time.
  4. Training is subject to availability with those on the waiting list to be contacted in order of receipt and when dates and times open to their stated suitability.
  5. Spectators are prohibited.
  6. Audio and/or video recording prohibited.
  7. Non-training related aggressive actions, attitude and/or talk toward trainer or partner will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from program.
  8. Training in loose fitting clothes and soft soled shoes.

Payment Options

All payments are required prior to training.

Prices subject to change without notice. Pre-paid plans are protected and are not subject to price changes.

Any special promotional discounts offered do not apply to pre-paid clients.

Platinum Plan

Full Tuition (24 Hours) Payment required prior to 1st session.

  • Per person hourly rate $99./hr. (Save up to $1080.!)
  • Free personal training schedule
  • Free exams and Certificates
  • Personal training schedule dates and times locked in ahead of all other clients

Gold Plan

Half & Half Tuition (12 & 12 Hour groups) Payment required prior to each 12 hour group.

  • Per person hourly rate $114./hr. (Save up to $840.!)
  • Free personal training schedule
  • Free exams and Certificates
  • Personal training schedule dates and times locked in ahead of Silver and Bronze plan clients

Silver plan

1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 Tuition (8 & 8 & 8 Hour groups) Payment required prior to each 8 hour group.

  • Per person hourly rate $129./hr. (Save $360.!)
  • Free personal training schedule
  • Exams at hourly rate (fully reimbursed under final 1/3 payment)
  • Free Certificates
  • Personal training schedule dates and times locked in ahead of Bronze plan clients

Payment terms

  • Once a client has been accepted into the program, each client must submit the first non-refundable $500. of their chosen Payment Plan (8, 12 or 24-hour plan), in order to reserve their agreed-upon schedule dates. Remaining applicable fees are payable by each client, at the commencement of the first training appointment. No exceptions.
  • Payments accepted in cash or credit card + 3% (administration charges via PayPal)
  • Payment plans are in Canadian Dollars (American clients US Dollar payments based on current daily exchange rate)
  • HST applicable on plans
  • Packages non-transferrable
  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Training must be taken within 6 months of payment, subject to availability
  • Depending on client needs and desires for additional Instructor training time, any addition Instructor time beyond the 24 Hour Program design, will be in 2 hour increments, at the client-pair hourly rate.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you must cancel and re-schedule a session, you may do so, 1 (one) time, at no additional cost. Should you need to re-schedule a second or additional times, without 24 hours’ notice, the cost for each time is your 1 (one) hourly rate.



Each referral of a new, pre-paid client couple (2 persons) will make you $200.! This applies to 1 (one) new, referred couple only, no matter what payment plan they make payment on. Referral commission not applicable towards current or previous clients. Must be 18+ to be eligible. Doesn’t have to be a current or past client to provide a referral of a new couple. Referral commission structure subject to change and cancellation.


COMBATIVS, as part of its program, reveals a vital skillset, that 21st Century militaries teach to their elite Special Operations Forces to make them more formidable, with statistics showing… not only a huge success rate... but results showing up to a 50X greater impact in battle! Martial arts don't teach this!


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