No matter how good you are or think you are in unarmed combat skills, its best to know how various items can support you in combat, as people interviewed after being attacked, say, that they wished they had a weapon to assist them.

Most people consider a weapon to be a knife or a firearm, yet everything around you can be a weapon. You just have to look at everything in a different perspective and to know how to deliver them as weapons.

Also, many predators can and do use covert, improvised or unconventional weapons so you also need to know how to deal with weapons that come in various shapes and sizes.

As attackers can strike at anytime and anywhere, it’s therefore wise to carry clandestine weapons with you at all times, especially ones that can slide through any security checks and on aircraft. These accessories of life are also easier to classify and explain away as tools or non-weapons to police and the courts if and when they would be put to an alternate use.


 Martial arts don’t teach you how to deal with clandestine weapons nor how to use them.

This course will teach you the tactics on how to do both.

  • Household weapons
  • Workplace weapons
  • Street Weapons
  • Stationary weapons
  • Centrifugal force weapons
  • Flexible weapons
  • Fragile weapons
  • Blunt or impact weapons
  • Sharp weapons
  • Loose weapons
  • Long and short weapons
  • Marketplace “Self-defense” weapons

It’s just a 2-hour training course held at your location when it’s convenient for you.

Bring your family and friends (1 to 6 people at a time).

Make sure you have the EDGE TO SURVIVE.

Handle whatever comes your way with the…


Course Total


Save years of wasted time and money somewhere else that won’t teach you these skills to survive.

Prior training not necessary.

Training can be arranged at offsite location (additional cost).

Additional hours available after Course Completion at same rate.


  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Programs are non-transferable.
  • Training must be taken within 6 months of payment, subject to availability.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Any special promotional discounts offered do not apply to pre-paid clients.
  • All Programs and Courses are invoiced and payable prior to the training event.
  • Depending on client needs and desires for additional Instructor training time, any addition Instructor time beyond the Course, will be in 2-hour increments.
  • Payments accepted via Interac e-Transfer or Credit Card (PayPal +3%).
  • Payment plans are in Canadian Dollars (plus any tax when applicable).


Training may be temporarily delayed to accommodate client or instructor for medical reasons; weather preventing travel; family or business commitments. Training resumes on schedule when the circumstance has cleared.

At least 6-hours notice is required prior to cancelling a training session.


COMBATIVS, as part of its program, reveals a vital skillset, that 21st Century militaries teach to their elite Special Operations Forces to make them more formidable, with statistics showing… not only a huge success rate... but results showing up to a 50X greater impact in battle! Martial arts don't teach this!


Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Niagara Region, Oakville, Toronto and Buffalo NY

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